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Financial Advisory Solutions

bullet Debt Syndications
bullet Asset & Project Financing
bullet Private Equity & Venture Capital
bullet Optimizing Capital Structure
bullet IPO Preparedness
bullet M&A Advisory
bullet Credit Rating Advising

Financial Services - Overview

bullet Working Capital and Trade finance Solutions
bullet Project Financing and Medium to long term debts
bullet Equity Preparedness and Tie up
bullet Structured Financing M&A financing Solutions

Working Capital Solutions

bullet We work towards developing the right product-mix between long-term and short-term working capital for optimum financial efficiency.
bullet Assess and address working capital gaps to enable continuous work-flow.
bullet Identify and suggest the right financing and banking partners.
bullet Create the right Trade Finance product suite for you based on your requirements to optimize business and market risks.
bullet Provide solutions towards cost improvement mechanisms.

Project Financing Solutions

bullet Assist in studying the project viability.
bullet Preparation of Detailed Project Report including Project Plan, Implementation schedule, Financial Modelling, SWOT analysis, Risk and Mitigant.
bullet Undertake Syndication mandates for Debt, Sub Debt and Equity for projects.
bullet Structure right mix of debt products with both Domestic and Foreign Currency loans to ensure efficient financing cost
bullet Assist in identifying the project partners, technology tie up, distribution tie ups, etc.
bullet Advise on appropriate capital structure and balance sheet management to get optimum utilisation of own capital and leverage in best possible manner

Structured and Bespoke Financing

bullet Undertake mandates to structure and syndicate the capital solutions (both funded and non funded) through non traditional financing avenues.
bullet Focus shifts from traditional "balance sheet" reliance to that on the underlying cash flows, assets, contracts, and risk mitigation structures.
bullet Following are the structures/deals which can be undertaken:
  bullet Structured working capital solutions like pre-export finance and inventory finance around confirmed orders, export trade, etc.
  bullet Acquisition finance and leverage finance
  bullet Monetization of receivables both with and without recourse basis
  bullet Monetization of cash flow streams arising from recurring payments (eg. Dividends, Contractual payments) via cash waterfall mechanisms (secured/unsecured)
  bullet Off Balance Sheet Solutions like Trade Transaction Financing, Operating Lease, etc.
  bullet Asset Backed Financing (Term lending backed by specific charge on Plant & Machinery, Equipments, Ships, etc)
  bullet Any other financing solutions where bespoke debt financing can be arranged based on structural risk mitigations and/or improvement in salability of assets

Equity Preparedness and Tie up

bullet Prepare Business Plan/Corporate Profile for presentation
bullet Advise on appropriate Corporate profiling, Group Structure, Holding Structures to enable right positioning for investors.
bullet Assist client to elevate itself as a deserving corporate to attract external growth capital in the form of PE, Strategic Investor, IPO, etc
bullet Represent the client in all strategic discussions with investors including negotiation of valuations, terms and conditions, documentations, etc.
bullet Conduct road shows for capital raising from domestic/international private equity funds, venture capital funds, industry focused funds, etc.
bullet Undertake Private Equity Mandates and get an appropriate equity partner through our access to the PE funds, Venture Capital Funds, Associated Investment Banking firms, etc.